Monday, May 23, 2011

Soft-scrubbed Go-onger

Anyone want some Go-onger? No? Well, whatever, I'm doing this anyway.

Inspired by the other Anons that are cleaning up TVN's subs, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and bring my guilty pleasure. The existing Go-onger subs were pretty irritating because of all the verbal tics that were inexplicably left in, even though they mean absolutely nothing to an English speaker. So expect 100% less ojarus, zoyos and naris.

Go-onger is full of lame wordplay that doesn't always work in English, so if I can't think of anything suitable, I'm just going to rewrite the line. Because fuck explaining puns.

I have an HD raw for the first episode but I'll just be using the SD TV rips for the rest. I have a compressed ISO for the first DVD, but the quality's really not any better than the TV rips so I decided not to use it. And I'll provide the scripts so they can be used with DVD rips if they ever surface.

GP-01 HD

EDIT: Check the other posts for the DVD rips.