Thursday, July 12, 2012

For my amusement (and maybe yours!?)

When I first started, I really wanted to go through and rewrite most of the Go-onger subs, but at the time I was juggling a few other things and this scrub project was very low priority. So it became sort of a rush job, honestly. However, I have a bit of free time now and I'd like to give this another shot and put a little more effort into it. This time around, I want to try a more complete translation and take a harder look at some of the wordplay I skirted around the first time. This will include things like translating names (excluding the Go-ongers' names, nothing gained from that), giving characters their own voices, attempting to find equivalent pop culture references and correcting any mistakes I overlooked. I want to make a sub that's worlds apart from the existing one since so much of Go-onger's brand of humor was lost in translation (or lack thereof). I know there are going to be several people that aren't fond of translating names/localizing references, so if you want those things intact, go for the previously released versions.

So far I've done the first two episodes. I want to take my time and hold on to the rest until I complete them in case I decide to revise anything. Just posting these as a sample of what I'm going for!

These scripts will work with Bunny Hat's raws or the ones I uploaded previously.

And a few explanations:
Engine & go-on have alternate meanings in Japanese (flame god and the sound of a roaring engine, respectively. Also go=5), but since the show mostly leans on the English meanings, I've left them as is.
Gaiark: Gaiark comes from gaiaku, which means to harm or corrupt. I wanted to leave "ark" in there, but wasn't able to come up with anything not-ridiculous looking. So I went with the incredibly straightforward "Polluters."
____ Banki: I felt "barbaric machine" was much too long for the monsters' names, so I came up with the portmanteau "Brutchine" instead. However, I'll expand it to "brutal machine ___" whenever "Bankijuu" or "Bankizoku" is mentioned.
The 3 Gaiark Ministers: Their names come from various Japanese words meaning pollution/filth, so I've changed them to Contaminstein, Defilesia, and Filthidas. I left in the last parts of their names so they're still somewhat recognizable.
Since ojaru, nari and zoyo are old fashioned ways of talking, I've given the Ministers' their own old-timey catchphrases (forsooth, verily, & by Jove). I'm still deciding if this will work without being too awkward, so this may change.
Mantan Gun: "Mantan" means full tank. Since the weapon is modeled after a gas pump, I went with "Fill'er Up Gun." Also it's a gun so it fills people up with lead. *rimshot*

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