Friday, August 12, 2011


In which we learn Renn really is a bit screwed in the head

I wasn't looking forward to working on this episode since Renn's verbal tic plays a part in it (he usually ends his sentences with 'ssu). But thankfully it turned out pretty easy to solve since his tone of voice changes a bit when he's not using his verbal tic. So instead of having characters comment on his usage/non-usage of "-ssu", I just rewrote it with them commenting on his tone of voice instead.

I ended up having more trouble with the Ojizo-sama stuff. I decided to go with "Jizo statue" to make it a bit more self-explanatory. If that's still too much for you, you could always change the script and make it generic with "guardian statue" or something like that.

Also for some reason they decided "itadaki" wasn't worth translating, goddamnit. Changed it to "received" since I think that makes it sound like the statue's accepting an offering.

edit: Whoops, I left out the chapters file. I'm reuploading the MKV, but here's the chapters file if you've already downloaded it. edit 2: New MKV is up now.

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